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Postcards From Iceland, #12 – Arctic Buttercups

Dear Friend, tiny, yellow flowers blooming at the base of a glacier is such a beautiful, comforting sign. I may have been shivering on that cool June afternoon, but the light of Iceland’s midnight sun suffused the entire scene with a subtle, almost divine energy. It’s...

Postcards From Iceland, #11 – Stormy Glacier

Dear friend, The winds howling through this glacial pass were fierce. Like Iceland, life is full of stormy weather; temperatures drop, winds pick up, rain and sleet drive us to take shelter. Like weather, life’s little storms can come crashing on us unexpectedly. The...

Postcards From Iceland, #10 – The Lonely Mountain

Dear friend, my love affair with Iceland began when J.R.R. Tolkien introduced me to the Runes in his book, The Hobbit. That epic work of fantasy led to a lifelong fascination with the medieval and magical.. The 13 companions faced an impossible journey to a towering...


Hugh B. Long is an Award Winning Canadian Journalist & Author. He writes full-time, and is passionate about Science Fiction and Fantasy rooted in Viking Mythology. He also writes Norse and Viking-themed non-fiction under his pen name - Eoghan Odinsson.

Graduating from the University of Aberdeen's School of Engineering in Scotland with his Masters of Science degree, he subsequently taught for the University, and was a dissertation advisor for graduate students. In addition to his academic background, Hugh also holds a Black Belt in Shito-Ryu Karate, a Brown Belt in Budoshin Ju-Jitsu, and was study group leader in D.C. for the Association of Renaissance Martial Arts.  (Historical European Martial Arts). Hugh has taught Martial Arts in Canada and the USA. Hugh recently returned from a 10 year stretch working in the Washington D.C. area, and is now back in his native Ottawa Valley where he lives with his wife, son and two dogs.

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