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Star Viking
73,512/90,000 words
A Door in the Woods
14,385/30,000 words
Draugr's Saga 6
960/6,000 words
The Retrograde Event
34,000/90,000 words

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American Gods
3 of 5 stars
Well written, just not my cup of tea.

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Star Viking – Chapters 1 & 2

Here’s the second draft of chapter’s 1 & 2 for people to peek at.



Placeholder Cover

Star Viking First Draft – Close to done!

70,727 of 90,000 words complete on my first draft of Star Viking. And that’s after a purging. Currently writing chapter 24 of 36, so it will likely go to 100,000 to 110,000 words.

Another exciting bit of news: one of my oldest friends who now works in the movie biz as an illustrator and artist, has offered to do the cover for Star Viking. He is amazingly talented, and has worked on many films you’ve seen. To protect the innocent, he shall remain nameless ;) At least for awhile…

Star Viking – Chapter 1 (Draft)

I know some of you are pretty excited about Book 3 in my Tribes of Yggdrasil series. I’m definitely going to be pushing the envelope in Star Viking. Here is the first Draft of the Prologue and Chapter 1. It may have typos – it’s a first draft – but I wanted to get something in front of you soon. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Read online below, or download in a variety of formats:


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Star Viking Map

Here’s a map of the political entities near Earth, in my book Star Viking:


Star Viking Star-map

Review: Write. Publish. Repeat.

Write. Publish. Repeat.
Write. Publish. Repeat. by Sean Platt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I picked this book up because the authors are highly successful Independent authors and publishers. They’ve helped re-introduce the concept of the serial story via ebooks. Their “Yesterday’s Gone” series has sold gazillions of copies all across the galaxy. But seriously, this book is chock full of simple, but highly useful ideas. It’s also very entertaining. Learn from the guys who made lots of mistakes, and made it.

They finish the book with a series of interviews with other Indie authors who’ve been commercially successful. Most enjoyable book… Continue reading

Free Short Stories on Smashwords

Several of my short stories, including the Best Selling “Yggdrasil Codex” are now available on Smashwords for FREE! You can download ANY Yggdrasil_Codex_Cover_V3_300webook format you like, and feel free to share them with anyone.

I’m foregoing the revenue from my short stories to allow more fans to try my work. Once you have a taste, I’ll have you hooked! With no added chemicals! LOL


I’m also producing self-narrated versions of many of my shorts and novel intros. You can find those on Podbean: http://hughblong.podbean.com

Star Viking – Coming Soon!

I’m hard at work on the third book in my Tribes Of Yggdrasil series. Here’s a sneak peek!

This very short story is an introduction to my novel “Star Viking – The Tribes of Yggdrasil: Book 3″

In this intro, we catch up with the history between Star Fury (Book 2) and the current novel, as eight years have elapsed.

NOTE: Don’t feel like reading? Scroll down and listen to me read it for you!

Star Viking – Prologue

Eight years have passed since the Hrymar slavers obliterated the human colony of Norvik. The Hrymar didn’t stop at a… Continue reading

Star Fury on Kobo!

My latest novel “Star Fury – The Tribes of Yggdrasil: Book 2″ is now available on Kobo! 



































New cover for The Yggdrasil Codex

New cover for my Best Sellling Short Story – The Yggdrasil Codex.Yggdrasil_Codex_Cover_V3_300w


Buy a copy of this highly acclaimed short, which tells the tale preceding my Tribes of Yggdrasil series of novels.


In this life there are a great many profound questions that have yet to be answered: Are we the first intelligent life in the universe? Why are we here?

Man continues to ask these questions, apparently to deaf heavens. But what if someone, or something, did answer?

In the short story The Yggdrasil Codex, two University researchers stumble upon an incredible… Continue reading