Phantom of the Space Opera

Phantom of the Space Opera

These folks wrote a novella in 75 minutes. Wow!

(Text borrowed from their article) On Saturday 8th August, the Creative Writing track at Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015 took on an ambitious attempt to write an entire book during a single 75 minute session entitled #NaNoSessionMo. Chris Farnell orchestrated the ideas and they succeeded in creating a book called The Phantom of The Space Opera.
28 attendees worked with Chris and Megan spending 45 minutes creating the plot, characters and structure. Then, for the next half an hour, each person was assigned to write a chapter while artist Sally Jane Thompsondesigned a cover for the book. Chris said “I’m amazed with what we managed to come up with. The plot and ideas are ones I’m genuinely excited about. I can’t wait for people to read about Gamma, L.Y.D.I, Captain Osborn and Squidicus. The sheer imagination and enthusiasm of the people in that room is something I wish we could bottle.” The resulting 13690 word novella, The Phantom of the Space Opera, tells the story of Gamma, a reclusive cyborg who ventures out of the starship engine room she has made her home to save the life of the A.I. she loves. So what is The Phantom of The Space Opera about? Here’s what Chris has to say:

“Gamma is a reclusive cyborg who has shunned human contact to hide in the engine room of a vast starship. She loves only two things – opera, and L.Y.D.I, the ship’s AI. But when an ambitious new captain plans an upgrade that will destroy the AI’s very essence, Gamma must leave the engine room to go on an epic quest throughout the ship, making some strange allies along the way…”

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Star Trek Renegades

Star Trek Renegades

STR_PosterStar Trek Renegades is here!

Star Trek Renegades is an independent fan funded and supported Internet television Series.

Renegades features a combination of familiar Star Trek character and actors, plus a collection of hot, new rising actors.

The Story

When a seemingly unstoppable new enemy threatens the very existence of the Earth, Admiral Pavel Chekov (Walter Koenig) is forced to work outside the boundaries of Starfleet’s rules to combat this deadly new foe.

When planet after planet winks out of existence, yet Starfleet refuses to act, Chekov turns to Commander Tuvok (Tim Russ, who also directs), the new head of Starfleet’s covert operations division, Section 31. Together, they assemble a new elite strike-force, consisting of rogues, outcasts and criminals, led by the fearless yet haunted Lexxa Singh (Adrienne Wilkinson).

The Renegades’ mission is simple: take on an army and stop their leader, Borrada (Bruce Young), from destroying the Earth. Outnumbered and outgunned, the ragtag crew is in an adrenaline-pumping race against time and space. But they soon find their foes are the least of their concerns: the real trouble may be coming from within!

Star Trek: Renegades stars Walter Koenig (reprising his role as Admiral Chekov), Adrienne Wilkinson, Sean Young, Manu Intiraymi, Gary Graham, Robert Picardo, Corin Nemec, Bruce Young, Tim Russ, Chasty Ballesteros, Edward Furlong, Courtney Peldon, Larissa Gomes, Richard Herd and Herbert Jefferson Jr., and introducing Crystal Conway.

Star Trek: Renegades – boldly going where no Trek has gone before!

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They also have an interesting Music Video


Impressions: The Heroes

Impressions: The Heroes

The Heroes
The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Abercrombie’s prose is truly elegant. Though, ironically, the content is quite coarse, with regard to language and situations. The plot is decent, but its Abercrombie’s authorial voice that has me sucked in. Each character feels entirely unique, and he has quite a talent for metaphor and painting vivid word-images. Im only about 15% in, but really enjoying the experience.

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Get a FREE copy – Of Ice & Magic

Get a FREE copy – Of Ice & Magic

Of Ice & Magic

FREE for Kindle – Aug 10th through Aug 14th

Amazon Best Seller: USA #3, UK #9, CAN #5

oficeandmagic_3d_200 Magic still lurks in the dark corners of the world, and at the ends of the Earth the last remaining life-forger, Fornulf, plies his trade, crafting legendary living-blades for those few nobles who can afford them.   Betrayed and on the run, Fornulf and his family must enlist forgotten allies and forge new alliances to rid their homeland of evil. To defeat the usurper and save his people, Fornulf is forced to make a choice no man should have to. – Filled with magic, betrayal, heartache, and courage, “Of Ice & Magic” defines Epic Fantasy. * A Novella (19,300 words) Listen to the author read the first chapter!

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Interested in Viking Runes & Magic?

The Runes in 9 Minutes

#5 Best Selling Book on Amazon!ri9_200w

From the Award Winning Author of “Northern Lore”, comes “The Runes in 9 minutes”. In 9 minutes you will be using the runes for personal development and exploration. Of course you aren’t going to master the runes in 9 minutes, but you can start! We’ll even teach you how to create your own set of runes. All you need, in addition to this book, is a sheet of paper and something to write with. Kindle $2.99     Paperback $9.95 In this book you will: 

    • Make your own set of 24 Elder Futhark Runes
    • Learn how to use the runes in 3 essential layouts
    • Discover a Never Before Published way to use the runes!
    • Interpret their meanings in the context of your life
    • Study the symbolism of each ancient symbol
    • Explore different types of runes such as the Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon
    • Futhorc, and Younger Futhork
    • Uncover the history and culture behind the runes

This is a book of runes for beginners, and as such, I designed it to be a concise and inexpensive introduction. If you like what you see and the runes are for you, then you can extend your studies. If the runes aren’t your thing, then you haven’t invested much time or  money. Call it a runic sampler if you will.I hope you enjoy the book. My goal is to share something that’s very dear to  me, and that has been part of our Northern culture for thousands of years – worthy of study.

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