I was doing some reading and research on energy based weapons for a short story, and I came across this interesting article on Wikipedia:

“According to legend, the concept of the “burning mirror” or death ray began with Archimedes who created a mirror with an adjustable focal length (or more likely, a series of mirrors focused on a common point) to focus sunlight on ships of the Roman fleet as they invaded Syracuse, setting them on fire. Historians point out that the earliest accounts of the battle did not mention a “burning mirror”, but merely stated that Archimedes’s ingenuity combined with a way to hurl fire were relevant to the victory. Some attempts to replicate this feat have had some success (though not on any of three attempts by the MythBusters television program). In particular, an experiment by students at MIT showed that a mirror-based weapon was at least possible, if not necessarily practical.”

I remember using magnifying glasses to start fires when I was a kid, and often wondered if you could make a weapon out of one. Apparently the ancients wondered the same thing!

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