I just wanted to let folks know that, yes, I am writing Book 2 now. While Book 1 is in the hands of Beta Readers and my Editors, I’m back to doing what I love to do – creating new stuff!

Book 2 in the Tribes of Yggdrasil series, is tentatively titled “From the fury of the Northmen, Deliver us!” that is an old saying heard in England during the Viking age, and was a plea to God to help them from the Northern Barbarians.

Interestingly, there is a superstition that lives to this day reflecting this distaste for Northerners: My grandmother will not let any fair-haired person cross her doorway on New Years day, until a dark haired person has. This goes back to when most fair-haired people in England were the Danes, Norse etc. It was a challenge in my family though – I’m dark haired, but my brother and sister are both fair-haired! So we had to time our arrival at Granny’s house just right 🙂

Book 1 will be out in January, February at the latest. And I have no firm schedule for Book 2 – it will be done when I feel it’s good enough (the joys of being independent!)
 I am working on it full time though, so have no fear, I’m on the job!

Anyway, I’ll get back to writing.

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