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Dawning of the Wolf Age – The Tribes of Yggdrasil: Book 1   

(Author’s note: the book was renamed Star Wolves in 2014 and the cover was also updated)


A century ago the beneficent alien Alfar, uplifted mankind to the stars and unwittingly seeded their doom. Humanity had just begun to ply the dark inter-stellar seas, but were wholly unprepared for the malevolent forces they would awaken. 


While humanity unearths ancient alien technology in deep space, the craven Hrymar learn of mankind, a lucrative new source of slaves – the basis of their inter-stellar economy. New herds awaited!


The vile Hrymar utterly erase mankind’s first extra-solar colony, enslaving all survivors. Their treachery leaves a seething wake of fury.


Part-time spy, and direct descendant of the Norse Vikings, Haldor Olsen seems to be the only one taking this new threat seriously; the Hrymar destroyed his home and murdered his wife and son. With a small but well trained crew, he travels hundreds of light-years in a frantic race around the Galaxy to save mankind from total enslavement by an inhuman enemy. In the process he makes a deal with the devil to ward off the coming tide of destruction.


– “Stargate meets Lord of the Rings!”

A short note from the author on the book:

This is the book I wanted to read 25 years ago, but it didn’t exist. This certainly isn’t the first time the Norse Gods have ever been invoked in fiction, however, I think this will be the first time that an entire series has their presence as the backdrop.

The protagonist, Haldor Olsen, is a futuristic descendant of that lineage. I hope to highlight the virtues that modern Heathen’s and Pagan’s hold dear: a love of family, reverence for ancestors, a desire to live in harmony with nature, and tolerance of other faiths. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a Heathen book, or a Pagan book, it’s a gripping science fiction novel that has those currents flowing through it.

What’s the book about? The usual things: Love, Family, Deceit, Revenge, Honor, Betrayal and Passion. You’ll find an ample supply of the emotions that drive us everyday, but of course amped up a little for your reading pleasure!

This will be a sweeping epic, spanning thousands of light years, holding manifold mysteries. My plan is to write 9 books. As some know, 9 is a very significant number in the Northern Spiritual traditions. This first book is approximately 312 pages long – a proper book size, not a bloated paper-weight, as I see so many books today becoming. If you enjoy longer tales, that’s great, I’ll try to release a new volume every 6-8 months over the next several years. Some authors try to put out one titanic book every 5+ years. I was never that patient. I want a manageable, steady delivery of stories for my reading enjoyment, so that’s what I’ll offer you.

I hope you enjoy the book; I reveled in the writing of it, and planning the next books is very exciting.

If you enjoy the book, I would ask that you try to take the time to write a short review – 20 words is all it need be (on As an independent author and publisher, I don’t have a massive marketing machine behind me, I have you. And if you want to ensure I keep writing books, reviews will do just that. They will spread the word about my books, and encourage others to buy them. Writing is now my day job, and it pays the bills (just).

In celebration of Yule, the book is ½ price, at $2.99, through December. Enjoy the book, and tell your friends!


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