Aeronwen is now Saeran

Happy winter solstice and first day of Yule to all my readers and friends!yule7

A quick update for you on my novel. I conducted a very successful Beta Reader program, where a few readers were given the early draft of the novel and asked to provide very detailed feedback on it. In exchange they go their name and website listed in my novel, and 3 autographed copies of the paperback when it’s out.

It was a fruitful experiment, and I got many pages of amazingly insightful suggestions. This is going to make the novel that much better.

One of the changes, and the reason for this note, is that the name of one of the main characters is changing. Aeronwen, which a couple felt sounded too much like Arwen from LOTR, suggested I might consider changing it. Hmm, it had never occured to me, but I can see how it might be. So Aeronwen has now become Saeran.

The Alfar (or Ljossalfar) race in my book all have Welsh personal and place names. Each of the races in the Tribes of Yggdrasil have names based on particular cultures. I find this gives it a nice consistency without me having to invent weird words and names.

The Hrymar (the bad guys who live on Niflheim) are all based on Turkish names.

The Svartalfar (which means Dark elves, but which are really like Dwarves of Fantasy) all use Finnish names.

The Graal (you’ll meet them in Book 2) use Hun and Mongol names.

Hope you find that interesting!

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