The third installment in the Tribes of Yggdrasil series is now ready for editing!

It’s been an intense four months writing the first draft of Star Viking, but it’s been a blast. I’m extremely proud of the quality of this story. It’s got everything that I consider essential to epic storytelling: It’s intense, it’s brimming with gritty Human emotion: like despair, love, hate, betrayal, revenge, and happiness. There’s a beautiful love story in there, as well as lots of nail-biting action scenes, and intrigue. All of those threads are woven into a vivid tapestry that I am certain fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy will love.

Alpha Readers, rev up your editing engines!

Fans, the pre-order on Amazon will be available shortly, and the book will be available world-wide, Dec 15th, 2014 – in all digital formats as well as paperback.


  • Word count: 97,637
  • Approximate Page count: 390 pages
  • Pricing – Digital: $4.99  Paperback: $14.99

COVER COMING SOON – image below is a placeholder.


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