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Dave Farland – NYT Bestselling Author

I’m currently studying creative writing with NYT Bestselling author Dave Farland, author of the Runelords series, and mentor to other NYT Bestselling authors such as Stefenie Meyer, Brandon Sanderson etc.

I was very flattered today when I received his “Daily Kick in the Pants” which is a newsletter / BLOG that he does for writers.

 How do you make an idea your own? I think that you have to invest yourself into it fully. You have to reinvent it.

Several times this year I’ve seen novels that have the Alfar—elves—in a science fiction setting. For a couple of the novels, the Alfar was just another race of space travelers. I worried each time I see that idea that it has just been done to death, that no editor will take it.
But last week I came across a writer who has written a few books on Norse history, herbalism, and magic. His name is Hugh B. Long, and his works using the Alfar in space are . . . different, more fully realized than others I’ve seen. He’s taken the worlds of ancient Norse mythology and reimagined them as military science fiction, where elves are futuristic explorers who once visited Earth, and now mankind must unite with them to fight a common enemy.
I think that he is succeeding in taking a concept and really developing it into something new, making it his own. There’s a possibility that his works could grow into a hit. – Dave Farland

Link to Dave’s BLOG post

Check out the first book in the Tribes of Yggdrasil series here: Star Wolves


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