These folks wrote a novella in 75 minutes. Wow!

(Text borrowed from their article) On Saturday 8th August, the Creative Writing track at Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015 took on an ambitious attempt to write an entire book during a single 75 minute session entitled #NaNoSessionMo. Chris Farnell orchestrated the ideas and they succeeded in creating a book called The Phantom of The Space Opera.
28 attendees worked with Chris and Megan spending 45 minutes creating the plot, characters and structure. Then, for the next half an hour, each person was assigned to write a chapter while artist Sally Jane Thompsondesigned a cover for the book. Chris said “I’m amazed with what we managed to come up with. The plot and ideas are ones I’m genuinely excited about. I can’t wait for people to read about Gamma, L.Y.D.I, Captain Osborn and Squidicus. The sheer imagination and enthusiasm of the people in that room is something I wish we could bottle.” The resulting 13690 word novella, The Phantom of the Space Opera, tells the story of Gamma, a reclusive cyborg who ventures out of the starship engine room she has made her home to save the life of the A.I. she loves. So what is The Phantom of The Space Opera about? Here’s what Chris has to say:

“Gamma is a reclusive cyborg who has shunned human contact to hide in the engine room of a vast starship. She loves only two things – opera, and L.Y.D.I, the ship’s AI. But when an ambitious new captain plans an upgrade that will destroy the AI’s very essence, Gamma must leave the engine room to go on an epic quest throughout the ship, making some strange allies along the way…”

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