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So, I have a new project. My readers will know how much I love Space Opera (SO), and of course my main series, The Tribes of Yggdrasil, is firmly in that sub-genre.

I decided to pull together a website that collects everything related to SO in one place: Lists of movies, tv shows, books, authors, art, games, you name it!


It is most certainly a work in progress. There are lots of empty pages, but I am plugging away at the site day by day. I’m also looking for volunteers! Any authors willing to contribute an article, review etc, of at least 500 words (can be as many as you like), will get featured as the Author/Artist of the week on the site. Of course I’m also happy to take help from any fans and enthusiasts as  well. Have a look at the website and e-mail me with an ideas for content you’d like to help flesh out, or create.

I will have amazon affiliate ads linking to the books, movies etc. This is not intended as a business, but  I’m happy to take a few pennies to help pay for hosting etc.


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