The UK sweeps my Goodreads Giveaway! (whoops)

Following last week’s Oscar mixup, Goodreads sent me the list of winners for my giveaway for 10 copies of Abhuman: Resistance. As I glanced down the list I was somewhat surprised to see so many UK winners. Then I realized all 10 winners were from the UK? What?

My mistake. Somehow, when I added the UK to my list of countries for the giveaway, I must have deselected other countries. So the UK cleans up this round!

In the spirit of fairness, I will immediately sponsor a new giveaway for the USA & Canada starting tomorrow, March 7’th 2017

Sorry for the glitch!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Abhuman by Hugh B. Long


by Hugh B. Long

Giveaway ends April 07, 2017.

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at Goodreads.

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