And the winner is … The United Kingdom!

And the winner is … The United Kingdom!

The UK sweeps my Goodreads Giveaway! (whoops)

Following last week’s Oscar mixup, Goodreads sent me the list of winners for my giveaway for 10 copies of Abhuman: Resistance. As I glanced down the list I was somewhat surprised to see so many UK winners. Then I realized all 10 winners were from the UK? What?

My mistake. Somehow, when I added the UK to my list of countries for the giveaway, I must have deselected other countries. So the UK cleans up this round!

In the spirit of fairness, I will immediately sponsor a new giveaway for the USA & Canada starting tomorrow, March 7’th 2017

Sorry for the glitch!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Abhuman by Hugh B. Long


by Hugh B. Long

Giveaway ends April 07, 2017.

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Abhuman Cover Tweaks

Abhuman Cover Tweaks






Which version of the cover do you prefer?
Alternate Cover for Abhuman: Revelation

Alternate Cover for Abhuman: Revelation

Revised Cover

I was tinkering with a more fantastical feel. Something that evoked Cheska’s innocence, yet captured the darkness she would embrace. This cover is NOT in print (yet).

Here’s the background alone

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Abhuman: Resistance – Call for Beta Readers

Abhuman: Resistance – Call for Beta Readers

workflowCall for Beta Readers

It’s that time again! I have the next book in The Covenant series ready for Beta Readers.


You get to tell me what you like, what you don’t like, or what you’d like to see happen differently. I listen to my readers.


$0, Nada, Zip. It costs you nothing. I’ll send you a FREE copy in the format of your choice (PDF, ePUB, Kindle)


In addition to early access to the story, you’ll also get entered into a draw for a $25 Amazon gift Card


I’m hoping to get all feedback returned and collected by Jan 15’th 2017. Then I’ll draw winner for the gift card.


  1. DOWNLOAD THE BOOK: (zip file has PDF, ePub, and Kindle versions)
  2. Make some Notes
  3. E-mail me your thoughts on the book (
  4. I’ll enter you for a chance to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card


Abhuman: Resistance

Pre-Order Available

Abhuman: Resistance (The Covenant – Book 2)

Cheska has the power to save them all, but only if she can save herself first.

She may be the most powerful Abhuman every born, with the power to bend space & time. Most fear her. A few seek to control her. Her powers pale compared to the evil theocracy that has enslaved her people.

Genetically engineered to emerge within the enslaved human population, Cheska is haunted by the terrible responsibility thrust upon her. Now that her powers have fully manifested, new memories emerge, and surging emotions threaten to tear her apart.

She never asked for this. Never wanted this. The resistance say that she is their salvation, that only she has the power to fulfill the prophecy and deliver them all from slavery. But she’s already lost almost everything, and they want to take even more?

When the resistance receive a distress call from Cheska’s mother, still up on their cityship in orbit, Cheska demands to be on the rescue team. If she has the power to save her people, then she’s determined to start with her mother.

Betrayed, she makes a harrowing journey through a planetary superstorm, only to find her people already doomed.

She has one shot to save them all, but at what price?


WHAT? You haven’t read the first book? Shame on you! Kidding 🙂 Grab a copy of Book 1 here:

Abhuman: Revelation (The Covenant – Book 1)


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