The Covenant

"The Covenant is a star spanning theocracy, guided by our Savior–he who delivered us from armageddon. We have been fruitful, and continue to multiply. We are happy. We are at peace.

There is only one small problem.

It’s all a lie.

Our culture was erased. Our minds were reprogrammed. Humanity have become unwitting slaves. But we are not alone. We have secret allies that help us fight back; the alien Skaduwee, another of the Covenant’s slave species. They altered our genome, attempting to increase the mutation rate so that our children would have a tiny chance to be born with special abilities.

It worked.

We’re awake now.

Time to fight back."

- Anonymous member of the resistance

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* NOTE: The Covenant is the theocracy created by the Tarbizhad in order to more efficiently enslave humanity. The Covenant is also used in general to refer to the story universe in which the Abhuman novellas take place.

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Understand the Lingo



/ab-HYOO-mun/  noun

Meaning, away from human. A pejorative term used by Covenant society to indicate those that are not born in compliance with the rigid genomic norm. Metahuman is the preferred term, as used by the Aoratos, referring to the sub-species of Artaldeans secretly engineered by the Skaduwee, with metahuman powers. They were designed to help liberate the galaxy from The Covenant’s brutal slave empire.

*NOTE: When the Skaduwee design randomly presents, and an Artaldean child is born with the Abhuman gene active, their reproductive cycle and immunity to disease, is reset to human normal.


/OW-ra-tos/  noun

From the Greek, meaning invisible. Taken by the Artaldean resistance as the name for their “invisible” army of resistance fighters.


/art-uhl-DEE-uhn/  noun

Homo-sapiens-sapiens-artaldean is a subspecies of homo-sapiens-sapiens (mankind) that was genetically engineered by the Tarbizhad to be a more docile herd animal, capable of reproducing faster (gestation reduced to 6 months from of 9), and granting them immunity to all disease.


/jim-or-FOHS/  noun

From the Greek, meaning Earth shaper. The name of the terraforming starship orbiting Krijese. The home of over 90,000 unwitting Artaldean slaves. The Ghimorphos  has nine domed city habitats, each housing approximately 10,000 Artaldeans. The core of the Ghimorphos is home to an unknown number of Tarbizhad, who remain in suspended animation in a hive-like central chamber.


/in-DUH-gen/  noun

A contraction of the english—indigenous, meaning, native to. The name given by the Aoratos to the indigenous aliens living on Krijese. A highly telepathic and benign race.


/kri-jess/  noun

The planet currently being terraformed by the Artaldeans on the Ghimorphos. Krijese is the home of the Indigens—the few that remain after the terraforming activities began. It orbits Thorantis.


/me-ta-hyoo-man/  noun

Metahuman is the term adopted by the Aoratos, referring to the sub-species of Artaldeans secretly engineered by the Skaduwee, with metahuman powers. - SEE ABHUMAN above for additional information.


/skad-uh-wee/  noun

An alien race of shapeshifters, also enslaved by the Tarbizhad. They are masters of genomic manipulation and genetic engineering. They secretly imbued the Artaldean genome with a tiny possibility of random mutation that could produce incredible powers. Homo-sapiens was the only species capable of being manipulated in this secret fashion.


/tar-BIZH-awd/  noun

A genetically engineered species of killing machine, designed to commit genocide against their maker’s enemy. Highly telepathic, possibly with shape-shifting powers. Inhumanly fast and strong. Very little is known about this species - very few survive an encounter.


/thor-an-tiss/  noun

The star around which Krijese orbits.

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Abhuman: Revelation (The Verdant Dream - Part 1)
Abhuman Types
  • BENDERS - Manipulate time and space
  • BLOCKERS - Suppress other Abhuman/Metahuman abilities
  • ENGROS - Alter memories
  • MENDERS - Heal themselves and others
  • SENTINELS - Stronger, faster, and regenerate more quickly. Designed to be Abhuman watchdogs
  • SHIFTERS - Take on most shapes, including those of other people
  • TEEPS - Probe the minds of others

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