Draugr’s Saga

Draugr’s Saga – The Zombie Apocalypse in the Viking Age

Like Vikings? Like Zombies? Then Draugr’s Saga is just your kind of story! – This post is from my upcoming novel, Draugr’s Saga. Back in Viking times, or more accurately, the Early Medieval period, the Draugr were an evil and malevolent force. They were like Zombies, but with some powers like modern day Vampires. They were NOT stupid shambling corpses. They were fast, cunning, and above all – Evil.

Set in Dark Ages England, Scotland, and Ireland, Draugr’s Saga is a series of stories about a former Viking slave, Aedan. Adopted as a blood brother by Erik Ragnarsson, Aedan must find a way to stem the tide of the Draugr, which may bring about the Zombie Apocalypse of the Viking Age.

Throughout the Draugr’s Saga, Aedan enlists new friends and allies, makes dangerous enemies, and even finds love, as he travels Dark Ages Britain in a hopeless quest to stop the ancient Draugr King.

Draugr’s Saga weaves the most exciting threads of Norse Mythology, Celtic Mythology, Zombie Apocalypse fiction, all steeped in the gritty and violent Viking age. Though a dangerous time, it was a time of magic, a time when Viking Gods still roamed the land; it was a time when men and women travelled the spirit roads of Yggdrasil and divined their Wyrd with the Viking Runes.

Equal parts Historical Fiction, Epic Fantasy, and Norse Mythology, Draugr’s Saga explodes off the pages with gut-wrenching action and mind-bending magic.

What Beta readers are saying about Draugr’s Saga:

“Classic Horror … full of action”

Viking Ireland

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“Exciting and filled with horrific goodness! What a fun read! A great set of characters that draws you into the story instantly. Plenty of blood and gore and most of all VIKINGS!! It honestly doesn’t get better than zombies and Vikings. Definitely worth the read and looking forward to the other installments!”

“While reading, I actually had to pull over a blanket to shield myself from the cold Northern wind. I gave it 5 stars although I wished I could give it more”

“A great tale of Vikings and the walking dead.”

“Hugh B. Long’s knowledge of Northern Lore and Viking Ways, adds additional power and substance to this very visual and skillfully written story.”

Draugr’s Saga

After battling a storm in the North Sea, a horde of Vikings make landfall on a mysterious island, only to discover an Evil far more terrible than themselves!

It’s Erik Ragnarsson’s first summer raiding season. With his new ship Ottar, and his very own crew, Erik sets out for glory and wealth. A freak storm blows them off course and when they make landfall, things are not as they seem. Erik and his foster brother, Aedan, must work together to battle fellow crew, and a great evil stalking the island!

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