Postcards from Iceland is a 52 week project exploring the magic of Iceland through a series of Personalized Digital Postcards highlighting the stunning Icelandic landscape, the colorful cityscapes of Reykjavik, including the prolific urban art scene, and the mystery of Viking magic!

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Postcards From Iceland, #14 – Urulu North?

Dear Friend, what a peculiar mound! For a brief second I thought I was staring at Ayer’s Rock in Australia - called Uluru by the Aboriginals. Is this Uluru North? One commonality between Australia and Iceland, is the impact tourists are having on the land. Ayer’s rock...

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Postcards From Iceland, #13 – Channeling Ansel Adams

Dear Friend, I’m in awe of Ansel Adams’s work. He didn’t have digital cameras or computers to create his masterful photographs, instead, hard work and an indomitable will propelled him to create some of the most iconic landscape photographs in America. His famous...

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Postcards From Iceland, #12 – Arctic Buttercups

Dear Friend, tiny, yellow flowers blooming at the base of a glacier is such a beautiful, comforting sign. I may have been shivering on that cool June afternoon, but the light of Iceland’s midnight sun suffused the entire scene with a subtle, almost divine energy. It’s...

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Postcards From Iceland, #11 – Stormy Glacier

Dear friend, The winds howling through this glacial pass were fierce. Like Iceland, life is full of stormy weather; temperatures drop, winds pick up, rain and sleet drive us to take shelter. Like weather, life’s little storms can come crashing on us unexpectedly. The...

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Postcards From Iceland, #10 – The Lonely Mountain

Dear friend, my love affair with Iceland began when J.R.R. Tolkien introduced me to the Runes in his book, The Hobbit. That epic work of fantasy led to a lifelong fascination with the medieval and magical.. The 13 companions faced an impossible journey to a towering...

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Postcards From Iceland, #9 – Elf Door

Dear friend, the Icelanders’s belief in elves fills me with joy. That apparent whimsy adds a splash of magic in a mundane world. Every little hole or crack in the earth becomes a possible entrance to their domain. By law, even major construction projects have to mind...

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Postcards from Iceland, #8 – Black Hole Sun

Dear Friend, We live in a world of high contrast. Unimaginable wealth, sitting side-by-side abject poverty. Beauty, accentuated by ugliness, peace and harmony marred by discord. There’s some old wise saying about how you need darkness to know the light ... perhaps....

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Postcards From Iceland, #7 – Crystal Clear

  Dear friend, the real beauty of Iceland is in its transient nature. What we find so breathtaking, the towering waterfalls, the roaring rapids, and the calving glaciers, are the processes of change ... of death. That torrent of blue water in my picture is the...

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Postcards From Iceland, #6 – Flashback?

Dear Friend, The heart of Reykjavík is the oldest part of the city and is nicknamed 101, the postal code for the area. It’s a vibrant cultural nexus, a place where the old and new intermingle in the most interesting ways. The quaint, multicolored houses butt up...

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