A Relatively Nice Place

A Relatively Nice Place

A Relatively Nice Place

A Relatively Nice Placehonorable-mention

A Sci-Fi Time-Travel Novelette

– What do they do with retired time-travelers?

Former time-traveller, Dick Wilson, is looking forward to his morning cup of coffee when a serial killer begins murdering his friends at the retirement home, forcing him back into service with the Space-Time-Defense force.


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Of Ice & Magic

Of Ice & Magic

Of Ice & Magic

Magic still lurks in the dark corners of the world

Of Ice & Magic

Amazon Best Seller: USA #3, UK #9, CAN #5

Magic still lurks in the dark corners of the world. At the ends of the Earth in an ancient land of ice and fire, the last remaining life-forger plies his trade, crafting legendary living-blades for those few Viking nobles who can afford them.Betrayed and on the run, Fornulf and his family must enlist forgotten allies and forge new alliances to rid their homeland of evil. To defeat the usurper king and save his people, Fornulf is forced to make a choice no man should have to.
– Filled with magic, betrayal, heartache, and courage, “Of Ice & Magic” defines Epic Fantasy.

"The Story was awesome!"

This story was awesome. I wish it had been made into a full-length book. Well done Hugh… bravo sir

"fast paced and a fun ride"

If you are a fan of Norse mythology or Fantasy for that matter you need to give this author a try. He even does Norse inspired science fiction. Of Ice and Magic is fast paced and a fun ride.

"I could see it adapted to a short film"

Once again Hugh B. Long showcases his expertise in Nordic history and mythology with this engrossing novella. This was quite the fun read. The story follows a Nordic blacksmith who forges living swords, fantastic weapons imbued with the soul of a willing sacrifice. After forging such a blade his customer, an overly ambitious clan chief murders the smith’s wife. The smith then embarks on a quest for vengence.

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Listen to Chapters 3 & 4

Interested in Viking Runes & Magic?

The Runes in 9 Minutes

#5 Best Selling Book on Amazon!

cover3d2_200wFrom the Award Winning Author of “Northern Lore”, comes “The Runes in 9 minutes”.
In 9 minutes you will be using the runes for personal development and exploration. Of course you aren’t going to master the runes in 9 minutes, but you can start!
We’ll even teach you how to create your own set of runes. All you need, in addition to this book, is a sheet of paper and something to write with.

Kindle $2.99     Paperback $9.95

In this book you will: 

    • Make your own set of 24 Elder Futhark Runes
    • Learn how to use the runes in 3 essential layouts
    • Discover a Never Before Published way to use the runes!
    • Interpret their meanings in the context of your life
    • Study the symbolism of each ancient symbol
    • Explore different types of runes such as the Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon
    • Futhorc, and Younger Futhork
    • Uncover the history and culture behind the runes

This is a book of runes for beginners, and as such, I designed it to be a concise and inexpensive introduction. If you like what you see and the runes are for you, then you can extend your studies. If the runes aren’t your thing, then you haven’t invested much time or  money. Call it a runic sampler if you will.I hope you enjoy the book. My goal is to share something that’s very dear to  me, and that has been part of our Northern culture for thousands of years – worthy of study.

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Star Viking

Star Viking

Star Viking - A Space Opera

The Tribes of Yggdrasil: Book 3
Book 1Book 2

Star Viking

The first inter-stellar feudal state was dedicated to just one purpose: crushing the Hrymar.

Haldor Olsen has sworn an oath to see it done.

Driven to avenge his wife and son, he also seeks to protect the remaining human colonies, and to free those taken as slaves.

But there is a new urgency to the war. The Hrymar are experimenting on human children.

In a universe where a five-year-old girl can destroy a battle fleet, where an ancient-evil awakens, and Viking gods still have a hand in the world of Humanity, can Olsen keep his oath, avenge his family, and save humanity from the Hrymar?
Across a thousand-light-years these forces threaten to become an apocalyptic future that could sunder the stars themselves.

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