All About The Covenant

All About The Covenant

What The Covenant is all about

“Star Wars and X-men meet The 100”

Star Wars and X-men meet The 100

That’s exactly the kind of story I set out to tell. It had to be like Star Wars, sweeping, nothing less than pan-galactic. Rich in history and lore, and deeply layered. I wanted the incredible, and semi-plausible, powers, such as found in the x-men series. No super, ultra powerful mutants who can kill nations with a puff. I liked the idea of powers though: telepathy, enhanced strength, speed, healing. There are lots of “powers” that we can actually tap into with current science, and if we extend that vector out a century, so much innovation is likely. Finally, I wanted the depth of character that had me spellbound in The 100, by Kass Morgan (Books and TV).

I suppose you could call this series: Warring Galactic Mutants with Feeling?

NOTE ON POWERS: What you’ll notice in Book 2, is that I start to explain a bit about how Abhumans power their powers, or fuel the fire. We have the energy in our bodies to do astonishing things — it’s all in the calories. Let me know what you think of that system.

Why These Story Arcs?

Why am I writing this series? To tell a story, of course. But who’s? At first, the book was supposed to be a straightforward Science Fiction story, told equally from the points of view (POV) of a teenage boy and girl. It was their story, their yin and yang. But as I wrote, the focus of the story changed. I’d never believed this kind of thing happened – where characters would really start to assert themselves and take you in places you didn’t intend to go, but it does–it did. And so the story became about three incredible women [Cheska, Delfina, & Madchen] and the challenges they struggle to overthrow an evil theocracy. It became a story about their intertwined roles as daughter and mother, hero and villain, or mentor and protege. And not to worry, there’s lots of action gluing it all together.

I’m also going to explore a few serious subjects in these stories. Philosophical, such as free-will and morality. But also more serious, and immediate issues, such depression. Do we think a hero does all this stuff, and his emotional state is perfectly balanced? I highly doubt it. So I’m going to explore what I think might happen to heroes who’ve had to much thrust upon them.

Real People

“Real people? I thought you wrote fiction?” Yeah, I do. But I want you to feel like the story people in my books are alive–like they have needs, wants, desires–real lives. To that end, I always start character building with a picture. I start by borrowing an actor’s photo for a quick mental sketch–that nails down hair, features, height, weight, etc. In order to share my characters with you visually, I commissioned a series of character sketches, see below. Then of course I do the normal writerly things, like make sure they have lots of problems.

Click the image to see the full list of major characters.

Aoratos Resistance

Intergalactic Dictionaries

I admit it, I use a lot of strange words in my fiction. I borrow shamelessly from dozens of languages. One thing a few people have asked for over the years, is a pronunciation guide. And so, I put one together for The Covenant series.

Here’s Abhuman as an example:

Some also wanted a quick guide to the various Abhumans – what types of powers they have, etc. I haven’t gone into great depth, you’ll have to read the books to experience the real terror that is The Covenant.

The Covenant Series Structure & Philosophy

How am I structuring this series? Great question! Abhuman started as novella that was well received by Beta readers back in 2015, and I began working it into a larger, full-length novel. But I ran into personal health issues etc, and the project got delayed. This summer (2016) I decided to continue the project, but to write more frequent installments–going back to the novella format.

These are NOT short stories- the first novella is around 37,000 words long. 50,000 is where novel territory begins. This is a similar strategy employed by many authors testing a new series – such as Wool (The Silo Saga) by Hugh Howey.

At an average of around 175 pages, these novellas are about the same size as “novels” that I used to read as a Young Adult (12-18). These days, novels have gotten fat. No two ways around it. 50k words used to be a solid novel. Now 120k+ is the norm, depending on genre.

My plan is to have three novellas represent one larger “cycle”. The first, is called the Abhuman Cycle, consisting of Books 1 to 3 in The Covenant series. Once all three novellas are in print, I’ll issue an Omnibus edition, collecting all three novellas into one larger book. That way folks can collect the smaller novellas (each with unique and stunning cover art), or buy the Omnibus edition.

  1. Abhuman Cycle (Omnibus)
    1. Abhuman: Revelation (The Covenant – Book 1)
    2. Abhuman: Resistance (The Covenant – Book 2) (Q3 2016)
    3. Abhuman: Redemption (The Covenant – Book 3) (Q1 2017)
  2. Metahuman Cycle (Omnibus) – coming next year
    1. Metahuman: TBD (The Covenant – Book 4)
    2. Metahuman: TBD (The Covenant – Book 5)
    3. Metahuman: TBD (The Covenant – Book 6)

My tentative plan is to finish the Metahuman Cycle in 2017, then see how you folks are enjoying the series. I have truck-loads of ideas for future installments, so if you love it, tell me! Heck, tell everyone! 😉

That’s about all my news for now.

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A Little Romance?

A Little Romance?

For my readers who appreciate a romantic arc, here are a few scenes from “Star Fury – The Tribes of Yggdrasil: Book 2

Eva checked her watch as she stirred one of the several pots on her stove.

Star Fury - Book 2

Star Fury – Book 2

Merde!” she said, and dashed to her bedroom. She returned with a small blue packet, the size of a pack of sugar, which she opened, and poured into a glass with an amber bubbling liquid. There were two glasses on a silver tray.

The doorbell rang and Eva yelped, dropping the packet. She bent down and picked it up hurriedly.

“You ok in there?” came Hal’s voice from outside the door.

Oui, un minute.” She stirred the contents of the packet into the champagne with her finger, then pocketed the packet. Her heart was pounding and her chest was heaving. I must get myself under control, she thought. He cares for me, I know it. It will be fine.

“Coming,” she said, opening the door. Hal stood with a bouquet of roses, and sporting his seductive smile.

My Gods, does he know what he does to me, Eva wondered. That smile made Eva weak in the knees, every time she saw it.

Eva’s hands crossed her chest. “Ils sont adorables!”

“Not as lovely as you.” Hal leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek.

Eva took the flowers and ushered him in. “Come in, Hal. Sit down. I’m just finishing dinner. It will bemaybe five minutes. Ok?”

“Sounds perfect.”

“I have some lovely champagne for us.” Eva walked back to the couch and offered him the glass.

“You don’t know how bad I need that right now,” Hal said, taking the glass and immediately downing its entire contents.

“Bad day?”

“Bad doesn’t even begin to describe it. I got the President fired today.”


“I’m serious. I attended the General Assembly meeting in Copenhagen this morning and proposed an idea for added security –  just an idea, and Delegate Franklin took it and twisted it around and made Rukundo look like she was negligent. Which is complete bullshit! She’s done an amazing job under extraordinary conditions. That prick was biding his time, and today he got it. She’s not fired, exactly, but when they hold a vote of no-confidence it will make it impossible for her to govern, which means in a few months she’ll likely be replaced. Unless she resigns first.”

“My poor, Haldor. Well, it wasn’t your fault. You can’t be responsible for what others may do.” Eva sat beside him, champagne glass in one hand, and the other stroking the hair at his temples. “Let’s forget all about it tonight, ok? I made your favorite dinner!” She beamed.

Hal’s face and eyes went wide. “Lutefisk!” He laughed.

Eva slapped his leg. “Non! I’ll have none of that stinky mess in my kitchen. Duck a l’Orange, of course.”

He offered a placating smile. “I know, I’m only teasing.”

Eva got up from the couch. “Let me stir the sauce. You sit, relax, ok?”

“I hope there’s more champagne,” Hal said, upending his already spent glass.


Hal eyed the now empty dinner plate in front of him. “That was fantastic. I really missed that. Nobody does duck like you.”

She blinked her eyes adding a shrug and a smile. “I know. It was always my secret weapon with you, non?”

Hal nodded with a wicked grin. “Among other things…”

“Well, I hope you didn’t stay with me just for my duck.”

Hal closed his eyes. “Wow, that champagne is really hitting me hard. I needed it though.”

“It’s ok, the ship doesn’t leave until tomorrow afternoon. So relax, enjoy it. Besides, you’re the Captain. They can’t leave without youor your amazing science officer.” She giggled

Eva threw her leg over Hal’s waist, straddling him. She looked deep into his eyes for a long moment, exploring his face with her hands, then began kissing him longingly. Their tongues joined in a slow dance.

Gods she felt incredible, and that scent, Hal thought. She was more potent than any champagne. He couldn’t resist her, didn’t want to resist her. He burned for her. His hands re-acquainted themselves with her body, recalling every curve he’d explored years past. She returned his gentle touching.


Hal awoke with a mild headache, and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He lifted his up head and looked down his body; there was a sleek, naked leg, draped lazily over his. He turned to the left, and there was Eva’s long, soft hair, framing her tranquil features. Parts of her covered with a sheet, but with just enough skin exposed to remind him of their time last night.

He’d come to dinner with a plan to leave platonically. But something came over him last night. Fuck it, he thought. What’s done is done. It was amazing, and he enjoyed every second of it. He’d tried so hard to maintain his mourning for Siobhan, but without her and Ailan, what was left to live for? Revenge alone? He needed something more than that.There was no dishonor here. Eva was a wonderful woman, and he cared for her, even loved her once; maybe he could again?

His mind weaved it’s way to shipboard complications. But there were no regulations prohibiting relationships, unless there was a clear case of sex for favoritism, which wasn’t the case here. The government knew, or rather learned, that sexual relations among military or civilian personnel on long missions, was healthy. Decades ago, laws to the contrary had relaxed, and in most cases been stricken from the books. So what was his problem?

Eva’s eyes opened a little. “Morning,” she whispered, kissing his shoulder. She gave a little satisfied purr. “That was so nice last night.”

He rolled over and kissed her long on the mouth. “Yes, it was,” he said quietly.

“You look worried,” she said with a concerned look.

“Nojust thinking.”

“About me?” she nipped his shoulder.

“Hey, easy now! And yes, I was thinking about you, us.”


“I just want to make sure you’ll be ok when we’re back on the Sleipnir.”

Eva frowned. “What do you think? I’m going to stalk you when we get on the ship?” She rolled up on one elbow. “ Hey, I’m a big girl. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy each others company when needed, non?”

“I just can’t commit to anything, Eva. I want to be clear about that right now. I’m a mess right now. I care about you, so I want to be upfront, ok?”

She nodded silently.

He shot her a mischievous glance. “But since we’re here…”

Eva squealed and giggled as Hal threw her on her back, and pinned her arms, kissing her.


Want to read more? (Of course you do!)


And if you missed book 1, Star Wolves, it’s on sale for $0.99 to help promote book 2


Star Wolves - Book 1

Star Wolves – Book 1

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