Dear Friend, what a peculiar mound! For a brief second I thought I was staring at Ayer’s Rock in Australia – called Uluru by the Aboriginals. Is this Uluru North?

One commonality between Australia and Iceland, is the impact tourists are having on the land. Ayer’s rock will be off limits to climbers as of 2019, reflecting it’s sacred place in Aboriginal culture.

Iceland’s popular spots are not sacred, not in a religious sense, but are treasures that we must safeguard for future generations. This summer has been a particularly busy year for the Lögregla (police), ushering tourists out of forbidden areas or chasing stolen sheep (not kidding).

I want my grandchildren to be able to see what I have seen, though I know that it’s only a dream. What is, is not what will be.

#14 – Uluru North?

Postcards from Iceland is a series of 52 blogposts – delivered one per week – exploring the magic of Iceland through a series of Personalized Digital Postcards highlighting the stunning Icelandic landscape, the colorful cityscapes of Reykjavik; including the prolific urban art scene, and the mystery of Viking magic!

The postcard pictures are from my trip there for the Summer Solstice in 2017. We enjoyed a week exploring the country, driving south across the bottom of the island all the way to Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon. Of course we experienced the Golden Circle and the beauty of Reykjavik. Each of these posts includes a free wallpaper picture that can be used on your computer or mobile device. Feel free to share and enjoy these original pictures for non commercial use.

* This series of blog posts is dedicated to my amazing wife, with whom I’ve shared so many great adventures.


Icelandic Rune Poems & Magic

With the first sixteen Postcards From Iceland blog posts, I’ll also include one verse from The Icelandic Rune Poem, which has been called the most systemized of the rune poems. Rune poems are thought to encapsulate esoteric knowledge of the symbol. Such interpretations are used in modern divination and meditation. Learn More?

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(pictured above is a rune wand that I carved about 10 years ago)


Rune Name



Old Icelandic

Maðr er manns gaman
ok moldar auki
ok skipa skreytir.
homo mildingr.


Man = delight of man
and augmentation of the earth
and adorner of ships.

Behind the Scenes

I wanted this image to appear like a vintage image, so I bumped up the contrast and muted the colors. I also bumped up the exposure on the rock.

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