Northern Wisdom

The Havamal, Tao of the Vikings

From the Award Winning Author of “Northern Lore” comes “Northern Wisdom”.

The Orient has long shared its ancient wisdom, and so now do the Northmen. Northern Wisdom presents ancient Viking parables and knowledge in a delightfully accessible modern format.

Combining Teachings on par with Buddha, Lao Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi, Nicollo Machiavelli & Sun-Tzu , “The Havamal” sheds light on forgotten lore of the dark ages.

In the days of the shield-wall, there still lived poets, scribes and philosophers.

In Northern Wisdom you will:

  • Journey through the Mundane and the Mystical passages of the Havamal
  • Discover the famed Hospitality of the Northmen
  • Learn Maxims for respectable conduct
  • Develop the Leadership traits of Heroes
  • Explore tips for safe travel in Dark Ages Europe
  • Uncover lessons for the bravest Warriors
  • Share in the secrets of Odin’s Love Quests 
  • Tap into the power of Viking Magic

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