The Tribes of Yggdrasil – First Trilogy

An Epic Space Opera

The first three books in the Tribes of Yggdrasil series, plus the Best Selling Prequel!

The Tribes of Yggdrasil series begins just over a century in our future, but it’s a time you might not recognize. A century has been shaped by contact with mankind’s mythological past and the intervention of ancient alien races. It’s a time where starships ply the stars, where Alfar build great living-cities on their planets, and where the Dvergar dominate the local stellar-economy. It’s a time where mankind meets a great evil, the Hrymar, a twisted offshoot of the elves, and it’s a time where the old Viking Gods walk among the stars.

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The Yggdrasil Codex – Book 0, Prequel:

Two University researchers stumble upon an incredible secret encoded on ancient Scandinavian runestones. Their discovery leads them into the world of modern code-breakers and ultimately, leads to a revelation with galactic consequences!

Star Wolves – Book 1:

A century ago a beneficent alien race, the Alfar, uplifted mankind to the stars and unwittingly seeded their doom. Humanity had just begun to ply the dark interstellar seas and were wholly unprepared for the malevolent forces they would awaken.

When Haldor Olsen unearths an ancient alien technology, the Hrymar slavers learn about mankind, a lucrative new source of slaves—the basis of their interstellar economy.

The slavers obliterate mankind’s first extra-solar colony, enslaving or killing all 10,000 colonists—including Haldor’s wife and son.

Haldor seems to be the only one taking this new threat seriously. With a small but well trained crew, he travels hundreds of light-years in a frantic race around the Galaxy to save mankind from total enslavement. In the process, he’s forced to make a deal with the devil to ward off the coming tide of destruction.

Star Fury- Book 2:

Earth is still reeling from the Hrymar Holocaust. Many of her major cities are still burning after millions were exterminated in nuclear bombardment, and thousands more taken off-world as slaves.

The SID is fractured and impotent, with no political will to attack the enemy; content to bide their time. But the threats are dire. A recently discovered network of inter-stellar gates built by ancient progenitors of mankind, offer an open back-door for Earth’s enemies.

Earth’s richest man and now most-reviled traitor, threatens to sell Earth’s secrets and hides in an unknown sector of space conducting unspeakable experiments on sentient races.

Haldor Olsen is tasked with hunting down the traitor.

Supporting Haldor on one hand, a secret cabal within Earth’s government has made a side-deal with the slavers, and sends Earth’s mighty fleet, and Haldor’s best friend, to bring Haldor to justice for doing his job.

Star Viking- Book 3:

The first inter-stellar feudal state was dedicated to just one purpose: crushing the Hrymar.

Haldor Olsen has sworn an oath to see it done.

Driven to avenge his wife and son, he also seeks to protect the remaining human colonies, and to free those taken as slaves.

But there is a new urgency to the war. The Hrymar are experimenting on human children.

In a universe where a five-year-old girl can destroy a battle fleet, where an ancient-evil awakens, and Viking gods still have a hand in the world of Humanity, can Olsen keep his oath, avenge his family, and save humanity from the Hrymar?

Across a thousand-light-years these forces threaten to become an apocalyptic future that could sunder the stars themselves.

* At the author’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

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